Welcome to the Horizon!

You have been chosen to undergo a dangerous mission, chartered by Stargate Command, including help from the Asgard, to find the Destiny, and the survivors, and successfully bring them home. This rescue mission, as you've been briefed, is Top Secret, and you are warned once again not to speak of this mission for operational and security reasons. A race of ascended known as the Ori have sent a warning to the Asgard that they are intent on capturing the Destiny and enslaving it's passengers in the form of Priors. We also have reason to believe they want the Destiny for their own purposes. If they capture the Destiny this will be hazardous and catastrophic. We have crewed Horizon with the best and brightest from the U.S Air Force for security and tactical operation, and command, of the Horizon. Top scientists and engineers from the private sector have been recruited for this mission. This mission, not to exceed two years, has dire ramifications for Earth and her allies, should it fail. I can not stress enough how much we rely on it's success. Good luck, safe voyage, and come back alive and well.

General Jonathan J. O'Neill, U.S. Air Force
Stargate Command